MEGA games compilation for ESP8266 or ESP8285. 

(Rolling release)

Mega Compilation for ESP82XX

 ACTUAL GAME LIST1- Tiny Gilbert2-Tiny Trick3-Tiny Invaders v3.14-Tiny Pinball v25-Tiny Pacman v1.26-Tiny Bomber v1.37-Tiny Bike v1.28-Tiny Bert 1.19-Tiny Arkanoid v210-Tiny Tris v2.1e11-Tiny Plaque12-Tiny DDug13-Tiny Missile v1.114-Tiny Lander v1.0 ( by Roger Buehler  )15-Tiny Morpion16-Tiny Pipe17-Tiny SQuest (NEW)

MEGA Tinyjoypad with 2.42" Screen

firmware For ESPboy by RomanS


ADD Tiny-SQuest game (v.0018) 4 SEPT 2023

ADD Copyright of used libraries (v.0017) 18 DEC 2021


Add Tiny-Pipe (v.0016) 13 may 2021

 fix bug with tiny-invaders (v.0015) 25 jui 2020

Add Tiny Morpion (v.0014) - 21 may 2020

Add Tiny Lander by Roger Buehler (v.0013) - 4 may 2020

fix watchdog reset with tiny-Missile (v.0012) - 13 avr 2020

Add Tiny Missile and  new version of  Tiny Bert  (v.0011) - 12 avr 2020

Add Test MOD for controls - Updated tiny-invaders - minor correction with tiny-bert (v.0010) - 19 mar 2020

returned to 160 MHz for more performance and completely disable wifi. (v.0009) - 11 mar 2020


 fix bug with tinyBike again and fix watchdog reset with tiny-bert (modif EEPROM menu) (v.0008) - 9 mar 2020

ADD TinyDDug (DigDug) and fix bug with tinyBike (v.0007) - 8 mar 2020

ADD Tiny Plaque ( plaque attack ) (v.0006) - 29 jan 2020

bug fix for Tinytris (v.0005) - 13 jan 2020

bug fix with audio menu and EEPROM (v.0004b) - 7 jan 2020 

ADD TinyTris game and EEPROM earase and SOUND on/off fonction (v.0004) - 7 jan 2020

tiny-pacman extra live (sound too fast) ->Change us_delay to ms_delay (FIX v.0003)

start menu (watchdog reset) (FIX v.0003)

bad timing with native Delay fonction ->Make my own delay fonction  ( FIX v.0002 )

bad stability at 160mhz ->coming back to 80mhz for more stability (FIX v.0002)


tiny bomber (watchdog reset)  (FIX v.0001)