Message to all Tinyjoypad supporters!

Following a report of sources codes irregularity involving the ssd1306 display library for attiny85, fews sources codes involving graphics libraries has been removed, until I understand what is wrong with these source codes, and that I will be sure that there will be no more ambiguity or irregularity.

Sorry for the long delay this will create, but not being a source code deployment specialist, I have to redo my homework.

NB: for all who are in possession of source codes refering to SSD1306xLed library provided on this website, it would be preferable to delete them, or to keep them only for personal use, but above all not to redistribute them until this problem is confirmed to be resolved.

All source codes for Tinyjoypad are temporarly redeployed without reference to no graphic library!

Calling everyone!

In order to be able to relaunch the Tinyjoypad project, I would need to know who is behind the modified oled ssd1306 screen library included in this package(Adafruit_ssd1306syp.rar):

I need to know:

1.Who created it?

2.What library it was based on?

3.Under which license it was released?

P.S.: if you know of the first ssd1306 library running on attiny85 (I'm not talking about derivatives, but the original one), please let me know.